What to do Before Your Carpet Cleaning

Apr 27, 2017

Congratulations! By choosing to have your carpets cleaned, you’ve either taken the first step in preserving the value of your home or you are moving out and moving on to (we hope) bigger and better things. In either case, once you’ve decided on an ethical carpet cleaning company, here are a couple of tips to help your carpet cleaning experience go smoothly:

  • Move Furniture (if needed) – Before your carpet cleaners arrive, decide if you want your furniture moved. Some companies prefer to have your rooms free of furniture, others offer to move your furniture for a nominal fee, still others recommend cleaning around the furniture due to drying time issues. Ask the carpet cleaning company when you schedule your appointment about your furniture options.
  • Vacuum (if needed) – The adage in the carpet cleaning business is that vacuuming is the most important step in the carpet cleaning process. As such, ensure a complete, comprehensive cleaning by vacuuming your home before your carpet cleaners arrive. Or, ask if your carpet cleaner vacuums as a part of their service, a lot of them do…
  • Clear Floors of All Items – Wastebaskets, lamps, tables, chairs, toys, clothes, anything that CAN easily be removed should be in order to clean as much carpet as possible. Likewise, window coverings, drapes, and blinds should be raised or gathered above the carpet to prevent from getting wet.
  • Identify the Problem Spots – The more your carpet cleaners know, the better they are able to treat your carpet. Point out areas that you are concerned about. If you know what caused the stain, let your carpet cleaners know. If you’ve tried to treat the spot or stain before, tell them what you used and how you used it. There are so many different ways to treat and clean your carpet, the more information your carpet cleaners have, the better your results.
  • Parking – In every instance, your carpet cleaners are going to have a vehicle with their carpet cleaning equipment. Make sure to reserve a parking space so they can load\unload or utilize their carpet cleaning machines as close to the home as possible. If you live in a high-rise with limited parking, take the time to speak with your resident building manager to reserve a contractor’s parking spot or free up your parking spot by parking your car on the street while the carpet cleaners are there.
  • Have a Pair of Socks Handy – Though your carpet cleaner will recommend otherwise, if you need to walk on your carpet before it is completely dry, make sure to put on a pair of white socks. This will prevent a re-soiling of the carpet and keep your carpets clean.

While the above tips and suggestions will suffice for the majority of your carpet cleaning experiences, the best policy is to always check with your carpet cleaning company before they arrive to perform your carpet cleaning