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Why are we Honolulu’s Most Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service?

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That’s simple, Clean Carpet Rx’s Professional Staff is committed to providing Honolulu and all of Oahu with the best Carpet Cleaning Service at the lowest guaranteed prices in the islands. The unique flat rate carpet cleaning prices we offer to all our loyal customers are exactly that, FLAT RATE. No hidden fees. No undiscovered charges. All of our cleaning packages include the very same treatments other carpet cleaning companies charge extra for including tough stain removal, odor, stairs, and trouble spots.

We spare no expense and are committed to using the Carpet Cleaning industry’s best equipment & products. More importantly, our Carpet Cleaning Professionals are trained, tested, and certified on both our equipment and products to ensure the Best Carpet Cleaning Service possible at affordable prices.

Our hot water extraction process guarantees a deep, healthy clean for your carpet while our certified green carpet cleaning products leave your home free of artificial chemical byproduct and ensures Clean Carpet Rx does its part to keep our ‘aina clean.

“If the stains in your carpet can come out, we will get them out guaranteed or your money back.”

Clean Carpet Rx’s Professional Carpet Cleaners are the best medicine for your dirty carpets.

In Honolulu, there is not a shortage of Carpet Cleaning Services, and many of these companies do a great job of doing what we call “getting in the door.” They’ll give you a low estimate over the phone and you’ll schedule your carpet cleaning service. Once they get in your door, these companies add a plethora of extra charges and you’re left feeling helpless. These carpet cleaning companies are able to do this because the majority of people need to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment because they a required to by the terms of their lease. If you’re moving out of your home or apartment and you’ve scheduled your appointment on or close to the last day your of occupancy, the possibility of being able to find another Carpet Cleaning Company is slim.

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